4th to 6th November 2016
Huvikumpu / Tulitikkutehdas @ Tampere

Time to revive demoscene action in Tampere! Let's get together again and have fun with computers, digital art and cheap beer. We try to keep everything simple and comfortable for everyone. Just bring yourself and your entries to VORTEX and everything will be alright!

Partyplace has sadly some limitations and we can only invite 100 people. First come, first served. Tickets are 20€ in advance with registration and 30€ from door (if there is any left).

Join #vortex at IRCnet or get invitation to Facebook event to get most recent news.


Create stunning visuals with pounding tune that makes even your gran'ma walk again. Keep it under 256 megabytes uncompressed. Available platforms are PC/Windows (technical details TBA), Amiga 1200 with 060/64MB and C-64. For other platforms you may have to bring required hardware with you to the partyplace.


Your chance to be the next Reed of Demoscene. Any format will do, but FLAC or OGG is recommended. If you decide to use tracker module formats we will inform about it on screen.


Put some finely arranged pixels in a PNG file. Do it in your pirated Photoshop or GIMP, we don't care, but please note that this isn't a photo competition.


Anything that doesn't fit other competitions. Videos, live acts, some weird art things... As long as it fits through the main door it's ok.

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