Vortex IV - 29.11. - 1.12.2019 @Huvikumpu Tulitikkutehdas, Tampere, Funland

Say what?

Fourth round of Vortex is here! Come join us to celebrate the closing consumer holiday with friends and foes. Red clothing with bells and beards are not required although somewhat recommended.

We have space for 80 visitors. This year there will be no freshments to sell, because they are included with your entrance ticket. Less hassle and more party. And of course, you are welcome to bring your own special needs. We ain't a bar.

There will be some night snacks available and breakfast of some sort.

Tickets will be sold for 50€ each. That is some dang bang for a buck.

Take the ride

Say where?

Place is the one and only Huvikumpu in the middle of historical factory area that has been cleaned up for us. If you've been at Vortex before, you know where to come.

Tikkutehtaankatu 2-4, 33250 Tampere
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Competitions, you say?

We have some traditional and untraditional competitions on-site. This time we do accept remote entries. Deadline for remote entries is 28 of November, the day before party.

Overall rules

No restrictions! You can test borders of your friends and Finnish law. If you break laws, we can't release your production at scene.org and poüet will be sad =( (..or relieved)


Combined demo
Realtime executing audiovisual show by you. Amaze us. No restrictions, but we keep right to quit if we get: bored, annoyed or hurt.
Play that funky music whiteboiii. Be the Sibelius of your time or the Reed of tomorrow. We will play as long until we get bored.
Open your mind to others and let us see what you see.
Anything you can whip out. Live or recorded.
Photography without modifications. You can: crop and fix whitebalance. You have to give original RAW/JPEG with entry.
There will be special competitions at partyplace to keep you entertained and sucked down the vortex...


Windows 10 Home 64bit
Intel i7-8700K @ 3.7GHz (6 cores, 12 threads)
nVidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 11GB, DirectX 12, latest stable drivers available at the time.

For ANY and ALL alternative platforms you need to provide a video file! The file must be playable on latest VLC player.
We are trying to keep things simple, we want to avoid additional fiddling with the video system.

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Travel with friends!

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